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  Philolaos (Pythagorean philosopher 470 – c. 385 BCE)

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Learning Numerology with the Maia Method

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Let us first review the data needed to construct an accurate numerology reading using the Maia method. We need to know the native’s first name and all of his middle names in the order in which they were registered in the civil register, his date of birth and his biological mother’s birth surname. This is the missing key in most traditional numerology readings. We explain in the first volume of The Unveiled Numerology why this information is absolutely necessary.

Start with an example. Imagine that our subject is called Pamela Natalie Scarlet Vellin and that she was born on the 16th of October 1965. The place of birth is not important to us, unlike in astrology.

Let us assume that Pamela got married in 1998 and took her husband’s surname, Smith. Pamela’s mother had also taken her husband’s surname at marriage, Vellin, but her true birth name was Brown. All this information will not be useful for calculating numerological keys that we will see (Life Path, Expression, Aspiration and Potential). Nevertheless, they are used to compute other keys.

Using the Maia method, we will consider the following information for Pamela:

• Her mother’s birth surname: Brown
• Her first & middle names as declared at birth: Pamela Natalie Scarlet
• Her date of birth: 10/16/1965

In most cases, we must consider the alphabet of the language that was used when reporting on the civil status registers, normally it's this that is the mother tongue.

In our example, Pamela is American like her mother. The declaration made in the civil status registry of the American state has been written in English. In this case, which is after all the most common, there is no problem, and we will use the English alphabet.

If a person is American but his/her mother is of another nationality, we will use the English alphabet for first and middle names of the person and the mother's alphabet for the mother's maiden name.

Example: an American called Andrea Laura whose mother is Mexican has the maiden name of Rodriguez. The numerological calculations will be done with the English alphabet with the first/middle names Andrea Laura and the Spanish alphabet on her mother’s maiden name, Rodriguez.

Behind each letter, there is a number according its own rank in the alphabet. Here are then values of letters for the English and French alphabets :

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
S T U V W X Y Z  
Note : in fact, to be quite accurate K worth 11 and V worth 22.

To calculate the numerological value of a name, just add the value of each letter according to its position in the alphabet. Then reduce the result, as many times as necessary, to obtain a number between 1 and 9 or a master number 11 or 22.

BILL (B worth 2, I worth 9, L worth 3)
2933 → 2+9+3+3 = 17 → 1+7 = 8

In this case, the 8 comes from a 17 (1+7). 17 is the sub-number of 8.
Sometimes, two steps are required.

78 → 7+8 = 15 → 1+5 = 6

It is time now to calculate the most important core elements...

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