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« Everything relating to knowledge bears a number. »
  Philolaos (Pythagorean philosopher 470 – c. 385 BCE)

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The (Meta)Science of Numbers...

Numerology is the study of human being through the symbolism of numbers. To determine which are the numbers that influence a person, the numerologist refers to the birth date as well as to the native name (mother' native name with the Maïa method) and the first/middle names declared at birth. These information allow him to calculate many key numbers that serve the analysis...

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Numerology - News • March 14, 2021
DICTIONARY OF NUMEROLOGY - From 0 to the letter Z, more than 2300 entries, integrating our latest researches (Number Force, Numerotype, Aspects between numbers...). Develop this exclusive database of your own analyses and knowledge. To use with MonDico. Compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux (64 bits).

• January 31, 2021: More than 1500 entries in our Dictionary of Numerology and growing Access all these definitions by subscribing to the beta online version of our numerology program!
Learn more about subscription for a year!

• January 02, 2018: THE BETA ONLINE VERSION IS AVAILABLE Before the complete translation from french is done, take advantage of our exceptional offer!
May Numbers be with you!

• April 04, 2016: THE RELATIONSHIP AGREEMENT Discover it for free with our online software.

 • April 04 2016: BOOK
Numerology Unveiled volume 2 is available in English! With the Maia method, discover how to live the ideal relationship with your lover, your child or your professional partner. Get it at .

• January 04, 2016: ONLINE HELP OF NUMEYOGAPRO has been fully translated. Discover which functions are available.

• June 06, 2015: SIDEREAL ASTROLOGY Discover the True Zodiac. Try for free our online astrology software.

• October 22, 2013: MUCH MORE THAN A DEMO We have added new features into our free numerology software online. ... Make all calculations using different methods, read free preview readings, build PDF with no charge including full tables and preview reading, save charts to your computer and import them later. Click here...

• From July 15 to 26 2013: SHOW Rendez-vous to Aix-Les-Bains - Casino Grand Cercle (France)
We will show demo of our different versions of our software of Numerology and will perform readings in French, English and Italian.

• February 10, 2013: DEMO VERSION Test for free the first release of our demo version of our numerology software on-line. Click here...

 • August 19 2011: BOOK The English/US version of the first volume of The unveiled Numerology is available. Get it at
With our method Maïa, discover why your mother's name is the missing key to make numerology really efficient and amazing.

• Since 16 February 2011... CHART Now available in English/US ! Get your full numerological chart according our new method. Time to discover your true nature? Click here!

• From May 5 to 15 2011: SHOW Join us at Geneva - Palexpo - Exhibition of Parapsychology (25th anniversary).

• From February 9 to 14 2011: SHOW Rendez-vous to Paris at ParaPsy 2011, the biggest show of clairvoyance, astrology and numerology in France
Stand D16, we will show demo of our different versions of our software of Numerology.

• January 15 2011: UPDATE The new 4.8.1 version of Numeyoga is available. Many improvements and special offers for our customers. Click here!

• From November 26 to 28 2010 : SHOW We were at Geneva Sanat 2010.

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