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« Everything relating to knowledge bears a number. »
  Philolaos (Pythagorean philosopher 470 – c. 385 BCE)

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Learning Numerology with the Maia Method

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Core element of the chart, the Life Path is the fadic sum of the sole numbers present in the date of birth.

The Life Path shows us the path that we have chosen to privilege in this incarnation. It expresses the subject’s mechanisms and true archetypes. While it is more or less easy to transform a personality characterized by the Aspiration, Potential and Expression numbers, it is difficult to change the intrinsic fundamentals present in your Life Path. Furthermore, you can change your name during your life and this would affect your apparent personality but it is obvious that in no lifetime can you change your date of birth.

There are three methods of calculating the Life Path to reveal the sub-numbers hidden in this date. It is highly advisable to research them all because they all contain key information on the native’s path.

First method: simple addition of each figure

1+0+1+6+1+9+6+5=29 → 2+9=11

The numerologist Dan Millman suggests that the obtained sum should only be reduced once. In the example of Pamela, that would give us 29/11.

Second method: by adding the day, month and year of birth in column.

      1 0
+     1 6
+ 1 9 6 5
  1 9 9 1

1991 → 1+9+9+1=20 → 2

For Pamela, this method of calculation does not reveal the Master number 11 but produces a 2 from sub-number 20, which must be taken into account during interpretation.

Third method: adding the fadic sums of the day, month and year but conserving the Master Numbers.

1+0=1 (reduced month)
1+6=7 (reduced day)
1+9+6+5=21 → 2+1 → 3 (reduced year)

1+7+3=11 Life Path

In the example of Pamela, we obtain 11 again.

These different methods of calculation reveal that Pamela has a Life Path 11/2 colored by the Master Number 11 and by the number 2 as well as by two sub-numbers (29 and 20). Note that the 2 comes from sub-number 20, not because we have reduced 11! All of these results must be taken into account if we are to correctly determine her Life Path.

See in The Unveiled Numerology Life Path 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 22
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