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Subscribe for a year! Special offer for already using online the beta version of our professional numerology software. Run on any connected PC, Mac, smartphone, Iphone with a compatible browser (Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari). Make and sell as much of studies you want.

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Based on the original french version of our online professional numerology software, this BETA version in English is already very powerful.

Before the complete translation from french is done, take advantage of our exceptional offer! Subscribe for a year and carry out and sell royaltee free numerological studies.

  • Chose between three methods including our amazing Maïa method.
  • Many charts including the native chart, forecasts, table of Destiny, numerological transits and much more to come
  • Save all charts in PDF
  • Edit online all charts or copy/past them into your word processor
  • Complete dictionary of Numerology with hundreds of definitions
  • Display biorhythms
  • Find any profile from your saved charts
  • Birthdays search
  • Contact & notes
  • Mailing
  • With many supported alphabets for if a native is Italian you may use the Italian alphabet...

Once more, all charts you performe and sell are royaltee free!

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