Numerology Unveiled - Vol. 2


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La version traduite en anglais/US du deuxième tome de "La numérologie dévoilée".

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How to live the ideal relationship with your lover, your child or your professional partner


We all search for fulfilling relationships : love, parent/child, professional partnerships... Yet, despite our best and most pure intentions, our deep nature overshadows and has a great impact on how well we get along with our loved ones.

Through the science of Numbers and our method, this book will enable you to know yourself and others even better. Thanks to numerous detailed numerological studies, you will be able to understand where the problems in your relationships stem from, thus emphasizing how their attributes can be improved upon.

Volume II of Numerology Unveiled aims to be accessible for all and easy to understand. Even, the experienced numerologist will be able to find many new subtle and accurate observations, by following through the numerological information as to how well two individuals are liable to get long.

The main aim of this book is to make us aware that the subtle alchemy which brings people together - or not - also applies to our very own self.

All in all, how well do we get along with ourselves?


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